Spotify Reportedly Offers Refunds For Excessive Drake Promotion

Drake’s really, really long new double album Scorpion came out last Friday. People were excited, but, most of all, Spotify was excited. The streaming app covered their front page with Drake content. “Have a happy FriDrake,” read one header above a line of playlists that featured Drake’s face as the cover image (some of which didn’t even include a Drake song). “Thank God it’s FriDrake,” read another. Spotify’s Instagram account featured a post captioned, “There’s a @Drake for practically every mood. #ScorpionSZN is here. Listen now on Spotify.” People were less excited about this shameless hyper-promotion. Some might’ve even said, “I’m Upset!”

Some Spotify users took issue with this campaign for infiltrating their supposedly ad-free accounts. Reddit user Schwagschwag posted a complaint and apparently received a refund for one month’s payment after speaking to customer service. Other users recounted similar results after reaching out to Spotify’s customer service, earning either credit or refunds.

This is the first time a single artist has taken over multiple Spotify playlists on one day. Scorpion broke one-week streaming records in only three days and the album now has over 435 million on-demand streams. According to Billboard, forecasters say Scorpion could collect over 700 million streams in the US by the end of the week. Drake also has a $19 million contract with Apple Music.

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