Donald Trump Sends Kim Jong-un A “Rocket Man” CD

World-leader shitheads Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have now apparently reached the “good-natured joshing” stage of their relationship. Last year, when tensions between the United States and North Korea were at a terrifying high and when North Korea was conducting nuclear tests, Trump took to referring to Kim as “rocket man” as a Twitter epithet. And now Trump, a noted fan of Elton John, has apparently sent Kim a CD with “Rocket Man” on it as a gift.

The Guardian reports that Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo, on his third trip to North Korea since April, is planning to give Kim a “Rocket Man” CD. (No word on whether it’s an actual album or a burned CD or what.) Apparently, when Trump recently met with Kim, he mentioned the reference to Kim, and Kim said that he’d never heard the song. They don’t have Jack-FM radio in North Korea, apparently. Choshun reports that the CD has been autographed — by Trump, not by Elton John. Maybe we should commend Trump’s restraint at not putting “Madman Across The Water” on the CD.

In other Trump/Elton John news, Trump gave a rally in Montana last night. And Deadline reports that, at one point, he made this truly baffling boast:

I’ve broken more Elton John [attendance] records, and I don’t have a musical instrument. I don’t have a guitar or an organ… This is my only musical instrument — the mouth — and hopefully the brain is attached to the mouth. The brain is so much more important.

Meanwhile, John asked Trump to stop playing his music at his rallies during the election, and he refused to play Trump’s inauguration.