New Animal Collective Double Album Tangerine Reef Coming Next Month

Animal Collective are coming out with the follow-up to 2016’s Painting With. As one Reddit user points out, the forthcoming double album Tangerine Reef was listed for pre-order on the French retail website Fnac.

The listing shows the album art, 8/17 release date, and a brief description, which translates to “Animal Collective collaborated with the collective Coral Morphologic during a series of performances in order to alert and sensitize individuals to reef protection. The result is Tangerine Reef, the soundtrack of a planetary cause.”

Another user messaged the link to Animal Collective via Instagram and asked if it’s real. They responded, “Yes..It was supposed to be announced the 16th…Two albums means double lp.”

Last year the band performed coral reef-inspired music in Miami Beach, though it’s not clear if this new release is a live recording of the event.

Tangerine Reef confirmed to be a real release from r/AnimalCollective