Birds In Row – “I Don’t Dance” Video

Birds In Row – “I Don’t Dance” Video

If you know anything about French post-hardcore trio Birds In Row, it’s probably that they’re signed to Converge’s Deathwish label and that they hide their identities by using only initials and obscuring their faces in band photos–and also that they rip. If so, you probably also know they’re about to release an album called We Already Lost The World this Friday.

We’ve already heard the broody “15-38” and the clanky thrasher “We Count So We Don’t Have To Listen” off of the upcoming album. Both songs marked a departure from the band’s heavier hardcore sound on their incredible debut LP to a sound more closely indebted to ’80s post-punk territory.

Their newest brutal opus, “I Don’t Dance,” is a darkly theatrical one, only further dramatized by the song’s visuals. The Craig Murray-directed video features an intricate dance — or fight, depending on how you view it –between two figures in a starkly lit room. As the vocals aggressively call and respond, the two dancers push and pull one another. With each kick comes a crashing drum, and each shove brings a new surge of dense, needling guitar. Choreographed violence is pretty much the perfect analogy for Birds In Row’s particular brand of abrasive, melodic hardcore. Watch below.

We Already Lost the World is out July 13 via Deathwish Inc. You can pre-order the album here.

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