WaPo Mistakes Green Day Quotes From Clickhole As Authentic In Report On Campaign To Get “American Idiot” To #1 In The UK

Several months ago protesters in the UK launched a campaign to get Green Day’s “American Idiot” to #1 during President Donald Trump’s visit to the country to meet with Prime Minister Theresa May, Queen Elizabeth, and others. That visit is coming up this week, and the campaign has successfully gotten the tune back on the British charts. So far it’s at #18, but Britons have until Thursday night to buy and stream “American Idiot” to get it to #1 during Trump’s stay.

That’s kinda funny, but this is very funny: In a report on the “American Idiot” campaign today, The Washington Post quoted a piece Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong wrote for Clickhole.com. As you probably realize, Clickhole is a satire site run by The Onion, and Armstrong didn’t actually write the article in question, “Enough Time Has Passed To Reveal George W. Bush Was The ‘American Idiot’ (By Billie Joe Armstrong).

The article is a gag premised on the idea that no one could miss the meaning behind Green Day’s heavy-handed 2004 protest song, with faux-Armstrong advising, “Go take a listen to ‘American Idiot’ with this new info in mind, and I think you’ll find it all starts to finally click.” But WaPo’s Meagan Flynn took the Clickhole piece at face value, which resulted in the following painfully funny paragraphs, which have now been removed:

Sadly, this will not help the usually upstanding Post staff combat the president’s persistent claims that the paper traffics in fake news. On the upside, LOLOLOLOL.

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