Rage Against The Machine Demand Nigel Farage Rename His Podcast

The right-wing UK broadcaster Nigel Farage has a podcast called Farage Against The Machine and obviously, Rage Against The Machine are not too happy about it. The Blast and Pitchfork report that the band sent Farage a cease and desist letter demanding that he change the name of the podcast, which has been running since March.

“As you should know, RATM has publicly denounced the type of right-wing ideology you espouse for decades,” the cease and desist reads. “Your anti-immigrant rhetoric, lack of social compassion and barely disguised racism and xenophobia are the antithesis of what RATM stands for. Stop using RATM’s name and logo, change the name of your podcast and find some other target to troll. We suggest President Trump.”

The band’s lawyer, Howard King, demands that Farage change the marketing, promotional materials, and any advertising for the podcast as the current strategy “brazenly and unlawfully exploits our client’s name and logo.”