Jack White – “Corporation” Video

Jack White – “Corporation” Video

Back in March, Jack White released a very Jack White album. While the idea of something being “very Jack White” used to imply an inventive excitement, I feel like it now comes with a more foreboding air, a sort of “What did he do this time?” Boarding House Reach was at its best so-so, and at its worst a sound collage of, as Tom Breihan so delicately put it, “garbation.”

Today, in the middle of being a luddite pressing vinyl, making bats, and continuing a sprawling world tour, White has unveiled a Tidal-exclusive music video for the album’s organ-funk single “Corporation.” Directed by Jodeb, its seven-and-a-half minutes are winding and violent and ominously beautiful even if they do little to pick up the album’s slack. There is some cool dancing during sunset visuals, though.

The video starts like any crime show would, in a creepy manor with White dead on a desk, blood dried along his hairline. An investigation ensues, following four suspects. At one point they all stop to have a collective suspect dance party, and I think I spy the Backpack Kid’s signature move around 5:50.

White makes his real point at the end when a definition of the word “corporation” flashes on the screen reading: “a group of people authorized to act as a single entity.” Then the cult of suspects all homogenize into Jack White. Watch below.

Boarding House Reach is out now on Third Man/Columbia.

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