Brockhampton – “1998 TRUMAN” Video

Brockhampton season never really goes away. Sometimes, it just goes quiet for a few weeks at a time. But now it’s back with a vengeance. After releasing three albums last year, the multifaceted LA-based rap boy band has been getting ready to release a new album that’s apparently called The Best Years Of Our Lives. (It’s their first since rapper Ameer Vann parted ways with the group over allegations of sexual assault.) They debuted new track “Tonya” on The Tonight Show a few weeks ago, and then they shared the video for another new one called “1999 WILDFIRE.” Last night, they shared another video for a new joint, this one called “1998 TRUMAN.”

Unlike the group’s previous new one, “1998 TRUMAN” is less reflective, more similar to the convulsive, energetic posse cuts that brought Brockhampton so much attention in the first place. But it’s a more complicated, confident song that some of those 2017 joints, switching from ripshit posse-cut rap (including an absolutely on-fire verse from enigmatic group member Joba) into a woozy psych-soul coda from Bearface and Kevin Abstract.

As with pretty much every Brockhampton video, Abstract is the director. It’s full of jagged, inexplicable imagery: Pixelated cars, four identical images of Dom McLennon rapping together. The best parts are the anarchic images of the group members moshing in a parking lot, and there’s a cool boxing-ring outro, too. Watch it below.

No word yet on when The Best Years Of Our Lives might come out, or whether all the song titles will include random years.