Slang – “Warm Enough”

Slang – “Warm Enough”

It’s been a few years since Sleater-Kinney have been out making noise on the road, and Janet Weiss, one of the all-time great drummers in indie rock history, is not the type to sit idle. A couple of years ago, Weiss and fellow Portland musician Drew Gow (of Modern Kin and Drew Gow And The Pastors’ Wives) started a duo called Slang. And now Brooklyn Vegan reports that Slang have both a new song and a whole new lineup.

Slang are now a four-piece. Alongside Weiss and Gow, we’ve also got Kathy Foster, formerly of the Thermals, and Anita Lee Elliott, of Viva Voce and Blue Giant. That is a hell of a lineup! If you were going to put together an imaginary supergroup of Portland indie rock free agents, you probably couldn’t do any better than that. (It’s also worth mentioning that Weiss plays in Foster’s new band Roseblood, as well.)

In addition to that new lineup, Slang have just come out with a new song, and it’s a doozy. “Warm Enough” is a nervy, driving, catchy indie rock jam with garage-punk riffage and a yelpy, glammy lead vocal from Gow. It sounds like it could’ve come from the American rock underground at any point in the last 30 years, and I mean that in the good way. Check it out below.

There’s no talk of a Slang album as of yet, but let’s go ahead and get excited about it anyway.

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