Wiz Khalifa Thinks Men Should Break Bananas In Half Before Eating Them

Although his feelings aren’t quite as strong as Joanna Newsom’s or Jack White’s, Wiz Khalifa still has pretty strong feelings about bananas. Specifically, he has strong feelings about how men should eat bananas.

“You gotta break it in half. If you bite a banana, you sus,” the rapper explains, seemingly unsolicited, at the beginning of a new interview with The Breakfast Club. “If you a nigga, niggas gotta break the banana in half, pause … You gotta break it in pieces, bro.” When host Charlamagne Tha God protests that “It’s just a fruit,” Wiz reiterates his point: “I’m just trying to help you out, bro. If you in public and you eating a banana, just break it into pieces.”

Women, on the other hand, are apparently allowed to eat bananas however they want. When co-host Angela Yee says that “You gotta eat the bananas real sloppy,” Wiz Khalifa responds, “No. You could do that. You’d get more followers that way.”

Wiz Khalifa, much like Armie Hammer in Call Me By Your Name, also doesn’t eat the peach. “Peaches are too … I don’t like the texture. I’m texture sensitive,” he says. “I like to eat slices of apples.”

File this away for our Year In Bananas roundup five months from now.

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