David Bowie’s First Recording Discovered In Old Bread Basket

The first demo that David Bowie ever recorded has been found in an old bread basket and will be up for auction later this year. It was long-speculated to have been lost completely.

The demo was made when Bowie, then 16-year-old David Jones, was still with his first band the Konrads. As The Guardian lays out, Bowie was asked to do the lead vocals on “I Never Dreamed” as part of an audition with Decca Records, which they failed to get, and later that year Bowie left the band.

The tape was discovered by David Hadfield, who drummed for and managed the Konrads, in a basket that belonged to his grandfather and also included other miscellany associated with the band. “There is no other recording of the demo featuring David as lead in existence,” Hadfield says.

The demo tape goes up for auction in September and is expected to sell for £10,000.

Check out a clip of it below.