Grimes Says She Tried To Instigate A Tesla Union Vote, Defends Elon Musk’s GOP Donations

Grimes is dating Elon Musk, in case you haven’t heard. The musician, who premiered their relationship at the Met Gala back in May, recently took to Twitter to defend Musk in response to some fans who take issue with the man.

Earlier this month, Musk came under fire for donating nearly 7 times as much to Republican campaigns and political committees this election cycle than their Democratic counterparts. Grimes’ response:

In a different thread, Grimes also says that she “literally tried to instigate union vote so y’all wud lay off.” A few months ago, she said that Musk has never prevented Tesla workers from unionizing in a now-deleted tweet calling it “fake news.”

In May, the UAW filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) saying that Musk threatened to take benefits away from workers who supported unionizing. A report from the NLRB that was filed last week alleges that Musk told workers in a June 2017 meeting that he would address their safety concerns as long as they refrained from organizing.

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