Stream Tony Molina Kill The Lights

Stream Tony Molina Kill The Lights

Our current reigning Album Of The Week is Kill The Lights, the new one from Bay Area short-song specialist Tony Molina. Molina, a veteran of his local hardcore scene, came out swinging in 2013 with Dissed And Dismissed, an album of ridiculously polished and catchy minute-long power-pop bangers. He has since switched his sound up, and Kill The Lights instead embraces a starry-eyed, jangling folk-rock aesthetic. The songs are still short as hell, though.

Talking to Noisey, Molina says that he doesn’t like the narrative that people put on his music — focusing on the lengths of his songs, or talking about the ex-punk guy who now makes sensitive music. (I just did both of those things!) He also says that he’s “still wildly uncomfortable with releasing music to the public but I try to shut that off, especially when my friends are so supportive of whatever music I am working on.” So we should count ourselves lucky that Molina decided not to scrap this particular batch of absolutely lovely songs, and luckier still that we now get to hear them all.

After Molina shared early singles like “Nothing I Can Say” and “Wrong Town,” the whole album is now streaming online. It’s only about 15 minutes long, so it will not cost you much time to check it out. Listen to it below, via Noisey.

Kill The Lights is out 7/27 on Slumberland.

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