Santigold – “Run The Road”

Santigold has been in our lives for a while now; her classic self-titled debut album is now a decade old. But Santigold hasn’t released an album since 2016’s 99¢, and she hasn’t released a mixtape since Top Ranking, her 2008 collaboration with Diplo. Recently, she’s been busy with other things, like opening for Lauryn Hill, or becoming a mother. (She had twins four months ago.) But that’s all set to change tomorrow. Out of the blue, Santigold has just announced that she’s got a new dancehall mixtape called I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions coming out tomorrow. And here’s first single “Run The Road”:

Like that decade-old Diplo tape, I Don’t Want is a collaboration. Santigold recorded the new mixtape with Dre Skull, the producer behind the vastly influential dancehall label Mixpak. (She met him during a recording session for another artist.) Talking to Pitchfork, she says that the new mixtape has lyrics driven by “social commentary” — “not political,” she clarifies. She also calls it “a summer reggae record.” Songs include “Coo Coo,” “Gold Fire,” and “Crashing Your Party.”

In that same Pitchfork interview, Santigold also says that she’s got a new EP Coming out, as well. It’s a collaboration with another artist, one who she won’t name. And she says she wants to get more into directing videos.

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