Foxing – “Gameshark”

Next week, the sprawling, emotive St. Louis rockers Foxing will release their new album Nearer My God, their third. Band member Eric Hudson co-produced the album with former Death Cab For Cutie guitarist (and veteran indie producer) Chris Walla. We’ve already heard the first single “Slapstick,” as well as the title track, which the band translated into five different languages. And now the band has shared a third song. It’s a profoundly different one.

The new track “Gameshark” finds the band in a surprisingly funky place, riding a synthetic groove and a rubbery bassline. Frontman Conor Murphy sings the entire song in a pinched, hard-strutting Barry Gibb falsetto. It still builds up to some grand, widescreen moments, but they’re not the same sorts of grand, widescreen moments that the band has shot for before. If anything, the song sounds like a more punked-up version of Muse’s poppier moments, or of Portugal. The Man, than it does like most of Foxing’s older music.

Point is: This song is a trip, and it’s also a risky sideways move for a band that’s never been scared to try new things. Check it out below.

Nearer My God is out 8/10 on Triple Crown. Check out our feature on the band here.

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