Dionne Warwick Addresses Claim That Her Sister Molested Whitney Houston

Last month, Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy denied allegations that her son and Whitney were molested by her niece Dee Dee Warwick. These claims were brought to light by the Whitney documentary in May. Now, Dee Dee’s sister and Whitney’s cousin Dionne Warwick is speaking out against the accusations.

“I have tried to refrain from responding to that. First of all, it’s totally hogwash. My sister would never, ever have done anything to do any harm to any child, especially within our family,” Dionne told Larry King for Larry King Now. “And for those lies to be perpetuated in this so-called documentary film [Whitney], I think it’s evil.”

Whitney filmmakers did not tell the family until two days before the documentary’s premiere. Dionne says she was “shocked” by the allegations. Dionne continues, “I will never, and I mean this, ever forgive those who perpetuated this insanity.” Watch a clip from the upcoming interview with King below.