Aphex Twin – “T69 Collapse” Video

Aphex Twin – “T69 Collapse” Video

Over the last week, Aphex Twin has been teasing something with mysterious advertisements and billboards placed in select cities around the world. Today, Richard D. James has officially announced the Collapse EP, which will be out 9/14 on Warp Records.

It’s five tracks long, and the first one that he’s sharing is the quasi-title track, “T69 Collapse.” It comes attached to a glitchy visual directed by Weirdcore, which was originally set to premiere on Adult Swim last night but was pulled at the last minute because it failed the epilepsy test. It’s alright for YouTube, though, and you can watch it and listen to the new track below.

01 “T69 Collapse”
02 “1st 44″
03 “MT1 t29r2″
04 “abundance10edit[2 R8’s, FZ20m, A 909]
05 “Pthex”

The Collapse EP is out 9/14 via Warp. Pre-order it here.

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