Aphex Twin Is Teasing Something

Back in 2014, the electronic-music alchemist Richard D. James, better known as Aphex Twin, ended basically a decade of silence with the release of the stunning comeback album SYRO. Before the release of that album, James teased it via both deep-web announcement and blimp advertisement. James has stayed busy in the years since SYRO, cranking out a steady stream of mysterious side-project EPs and quickly-deleted SoundCloud jams. He has not, however, come out with a new album since then. But now that James is back in the business of cryptically showing his logo around London, it seems safe to say that he’s got something in the chamber.

This time around, it looks like James is taking the relatively conventional route of putting up art on the London Underground. The art is pretty fucking cool, though. Pitchfork reports that a pair of Aphex Twin logos have showed up at the Elephant & Castle tube stop, and they make it look like the wall tiles are melting into that famous logo.

According to The Guardian, Warp, James’ label, has confirmed that the ads are real — which is to say, that they’re not the work of some devoted street-artist fan. And Pitchfork points out that, according to legend, James once lived inside London’s Michael Faraday Memorial, which is near that tube stop.

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