Laetitia Sadier Walks Back Support For Jordan Peterson

Lætitia Sadier has released a statement regarding a tweet she sent earlier this year in support of right wing “intellectual” Jordan Peterson. Back in February, in response to an article in The Guardian about the conspiracy theories and misleading arguments the professor peddles, the former Stereolab member tweeted: “I am so gutted by the treatment The Guardian -and some of the well to do media- has given you this week. You have all my support and many thanks for your clarity and -oh too rare- courage to speak the truth!”

The old tweet was dredged up last week when Pitchfork posted about a photo that Mumford & Sons took with Peterson back in May of the folk-pop band in their London studio.

In Sadier’s recent statement (via Pitchfork), she says that her “tweet was about his right to hold his ideas rather than support for them per se” and says that, following the tweet, she “started seeing more clearly the cracks in his reasoning.” Here’s her statement in full:


When I came across Jordan Peterson, I was initially interested by his arguments about Nietzsche, Jung and Dostoevsky.

The Guardian published a review of his book earlier this year but shortly after printed another article, one that attacked him personally. However questionable I think his arguments are now, I objected to the way he, rather than his ideas, was demonised. My tweet was about his right to hold his ideas rather than support for them per se.

Following my tweet, I started seeing more clearly the cracks in his reasoning: his systematic assault on what he calls neo Marxism, his hang up on social justice warriors, his narrow biological determinism around gender issues were perturbing to say the least. And the fact that he would never acknowledge the malignant impact of colonialism or neo liberalism was evidence that his is a one-sided argument. It just took me a little longer than some of you to fully realise this. I didn’t make that public. I should have done and I am sorry for that.

La Resistance!

Mumford & Sons have still not acknowledged their photo with Peterson. Sean Ono Lennon has also tweeted in support of him.

With Mumford and Sons at their London Studio

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