JEFF The Brotherhood – “Camel Swallowed Whole”

It seems this new JEFF The Brotherhood album is going to be quite the departure. The first of the Magick Songs we heard, “Parachute,” was a jazzy psychedelic float that evoked Broadcast and Yo La Tengo. It was unlike anything else in their catalog. And now they’re sharing another track that forgoes the chooglin’ bar rock they made their name on.

This one’s called “Camel Swallowed Whole,” and it reminds me of a slow jam from the Pavement catalog — kind of like “Here” rendered in the languid sonic palette of their later records. Liquid guitar noodling and soothing harmonies lend the track an amniotic quality at times, though the lead vocal sometimes bursts forth in clarity like a head popping above the water before diving back into the stream. Jenna Moynihan from Daddy Issues contributes backing vocals as well.

Like the last one, it’s dope, and I recommend it heartily. Listen below.

Magick Songs is out 9/7 on Dine Alone. Pre-order it here.