The Field – “Who Goes There”

The Swedish producer Axel Willner, who records as the Field, has long specialized in a particularly blissed-out, patient form of minimal techno. He agonizes over individual sounds, hides samples in layers of shimmering reverb, and takes his time in building moods and grooves. Next month, he’ll follow up his 2016 album The Follower with a new one called Infinite Moment.

The new album is only six songs long, but that’s par for the course for Willner, who likes to let his tracks sprawl. (“Staircase,” the track Willner released earlier this year, isn’t on the album.) In a press release, Willner says that the new album is “a lot slower than the previous ones” and that it “gives me a lot of hope… Hope is something I’ve been missing in the nowadays climate, and this album is a relief to me, a type of comfort, like a moment that feels good and you don’t want to end.”

The first album track that Willner has shared is “Who Goes There,” a nine-minute mood piece that’s much less beat-driven than much of Willner’s past work. He opens the song with slow-blooming synth sounds and fluttering, off-kilter drums. When the beat does lock in, it’s not quite the four-four house thump of much of Willner’s past work. It’s a very pretty piece of music, and you can hear it and check out the new album’s tracklist below.


01 “Made Of Steel. Made Of Stone”
02 “Divide Now”
03 “Hear Your Voice”
04 “Something Left, Something Right, Something Wrong”
05 “Who Goes There”
06 “Infinite Moment”

Infinite Moment is out 9/21 on Kompakt.

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