Jack White Covered Pearl Jam’s “Daughter” And Here’s How It Sounded Inside A Yondr Pouch

Pearl Jam are in the midst of a run of homecoming shows at Seattle’s Safeco Field, and at the first show last week, they covered the White Stripes’ “We’re Going To Be Friends.” When Jack White played Seattle’s WaMu Theater on Monday, he returned the favor by covering Pearl Jam’s “Daughter.”

Because Jack White forces everyone who goes to his shows to put their phones away in Yondr pouches, there isn’t much in the way of video aside from a few clips from the venue’s official Instagram story. But one determined fan used his phone to record the cover from inside the Yondr pouch, and then paired the muffled audio with a weird slideshow. Here’s that.

And here are a few clips:

Let the phones breathe, Jack! The fans will find a way!