Elizabeth Banks To Star In Movie About 1986 “Win A Date With Prince” Contest

Elizabeth Banks will star in and produce a film about the 1986 “Win A Date With Prince” contest, as Deadline reports. The film, which is called Queen For A Day, will be based on last year’s Daily Beast article “When Prince Made A Chambermaid His Queen For A Day,” which chronicled Warner Bros.’s efforts to publicize Prince’s Purple Rain follow-up, Under The Cherry Moon, through a contest on MTV where the 10,000th caller won a date with Prince and a premiere in the winner’s hometown.

The movie will apparently not cast the Purple One himself, however, and will instead focus on a Manhattan PR executive who helped plan the contest and the contest winner, 20-year-old Wyoming resident Lisa Barber. The article that it’s based on focuses on the behind-the-scenes drama, which is characterized as “coke-fueled chaos.”

Here’s some news footage of the hometown premiere: