Twitter Makes St. Vincent Explain Her Tweets

Yesterday, St. Vincent expanded on her tweets for Twitter Music’s new series #BehindTheTweets. If you don’t already follow her, she’s got some good tweets. The ones she talks about in this video deal with her haircut, her vitamin D deficiency, and her love of TLC’s hit “Waterfalls.”

One tweet reads, “Hairdresser asks what kind of hairstyle I wanted, and I said, ‘make me look like the kind of woman who says, ‘Katarina, hold my calls while I get a colonic.” And you know what? She nailed it.” She adds in the video, “I look like an art gallerist or a mean, out-of-touch woman.”

Apparently, her doctor prescribed her “sunlight” and recommended she go outside for 15 minutes every three days, to which she responded, “Do I have to?” She says “Fast Slow Disco,” her remix of “Slow Disco,” is the original song wearing disco pants and sweating on a dance floor in New York. “If a song is strong enough, it can exist in a lot of different forms and still feel emotional and powerful,” she explains. On “Waterfalls,” she tweets, “Argue with this bassline. I dare you.” Watch the full video below.

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