Stream The Blaze’s Debut Album Dancehall

The Blaze, the duo of French cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric, stand out for a very particular reason. They’re filmmakers as well as producers, and their dizzily gorgeous videos for tracks like “Territory” and “Heaven” play out as shockingly lyrical and moving mini-movies. Part of me wishes they’d sideline their music career and make a movie instead. But instead, they made an album. And that’s really good, too.

The Blaze make warm and warmed downtempo dance music — the type of thing that, heard on headphones, can turn your everyday surroundings into something sweeping and cinematic. That’s the mood they tap into on Dancehall, their debut album. It’s lovely and contemplative, and it works better for contemplating the way sunbeams move through tree branches than it does for actually dancing.

And along with the album Dancehall, they’ve also come out with a new video for their track “Queens,” one that’s stunningly full of exhilaration and sadness and life. Below, stream the album and check out the “Queens” video.

Dancehall is out now on Animal63.

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