Lenny Kravitz Defends His Giant Scarf

Lenny Kravitz Defends His Giant Scarf

One afternoon a while back, sexy famous rock guy Lenny Kravitz was leaving his house to do some shopping, and he happened to be wearing a scarf so big that you could use it to hide a full-grown elephant. Pictures of Kravitz in this leviathan scarf made their way around the internet and became a meme. In the annals of recent Lenny Kravitz arcana, I’d rank the scarf way behind the time his dick flopped out onstage or the time he was accused of practicing illegal dentistry. But nevertheless, the scarf was what Kravitz had to answer for when he was on The Tonight Show last night.

Kravitz appeared next to Jimmy Fallon last night to promote Raise Vibration, his new album. (Let’s all pause for a moment to acknowledge the fact that Lenny Kravitz has a new album called Raise Vibration.) As he sat down with Fallon, Fallon called the 54-year-old Kravitz “the coolest kid in school,” which should give you some idea of the tone of the interview. And then a frantically giggling Fallon showed Kravitz the picture with the scarf and made Kravitz say what was going on. Kravitz’s version of the story was not all that illuminating:

The guy who made that scarf, you can blame it on. He made that scarf, and he gave it to me. And that was the day that I thought I would break it out. I had no idea there would be paparazzi.

In any case, you can watch Kravitz talking about this story below. If you like, you can also watch him performing his recent single “Low.”

In a more just world, a frantically giggling Jimmy Fallon would’ve been asking Kravitz about the dick or the dentistry, but this is the world we get.

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