Ariana Grande Adopted A Pig, And Pete Davidson Already Got A Tattoo Of Him

It’s pretty common for young couples, especially young couples who aren’t yet ready to have kids, to raise pets together. It is less common for them to decide that they should become owners of a fucking pig. And yet that is the route that Ariana Grande and her fiancé, SNL star Pete Davidson, have chosen.

People reports that Grande and Davidson recently adopted a tiny brown pig. Over the weekend, Grande posted images of herself and this pig on her Instagram story.

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Me and mommy ♡ @arianagrande #arianagrande #piggysmallz

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Naturally, Pete Davidson already has a tattoo of the pig. If we are to believe the tattoo, the pig’s name is Piggy Smallz. (Davidson also has a new tattoo of Winnie The Pooh.)

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Thanks Pete 🐷🐻🎈

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Twitter seems to believe that Piggy Smallz is a “micro pig,” but Jezebel warns Grande and Davidson that micro pigs don’t actually exist, that this is a scam to get people to pay a lot of money for pigs. Apparently, the only way to keep these pigs small is to starve them and stunt their growth. If you actually feed the pig what it’s supposed to be eating, it’ll get huge — as in, somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 pounds. So let’s all anticipate the paparazzi photos of Grande and Davidson walking a 600-pound pig around lower Manhattan.