Korn Announce New Koffee

Korn Announce New Koffee

Do you feel like a freak on a leash before you’ve had your morning coffee? Now, with Korn’s new Korn Koffee, you can feel like a freak on a leash after you’ve had your morning coffee too! Created in partnership between the nu-metal band and J. Gursey Coffee Roasters, Korn Koffee is a blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Guatemalan Huehuetenago, and Organic Peru beans mixed with J. Gursey Coffee’s Vintage Black Diamond blend and made entirely with Certified Fair Trade whole beans.

“After almost 25 years of touring, making records and playing in front of all of our amazing fans (you), one thing has remained a constant in our daily routine: coffee,” reads a message from the band that accompanies every bag of Korn Koffee. “The ritual, the brew, the aroma and most importantly, that very first cup every morning that sets the tone, is something we look forward to every day. Because of our passion, we’ve gotten together with a roaster and handcrafted our very own blend of KOFFEE. We hope you enjoy, share, and join us in savoring many cups of KOFFEE for years to come.”

Korn personally curated the blend of Korn Koffee, touring the roasting facliity and tasting multiple versions. “A lot of people like super, super dark, like tar-tasting — it makes your eyes spin. And there’s certain people that really like mild coffee,” says drummer Ray Luzier in a promotional video. “So I think we’ve really come up with something that’s right in the middle. It appeals appeals to more people. You can always make it stronger when you brew it but I think the general taste of it is straight up just super smooth, but yet it’s bold, it’s definitely got some great flavor.”

Buy Korn Koffee here and watch a video about its creation below.

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