Madeline Kenney – “Perfect Shapes”

This Friday, Oakland singer-songwriter and 2017 Best New Bands honoree Madeline Kenney will release her sophomore album, Perfect Shapes. She’s already impressed us with the disjointed, pop-forward lead single, “Cut Me Off,” the trance-like “Overhead,” and the woozy introspection, “Bad Idea.” Today, we hear the album’s title track.

“Perfect Shapes” begins to take form in hazy, muted tones of euphoria. “Perfect shapes over my eyes when I go outside,” Kenney sings with a nostalgic riff and a slow beat. “And the evening bleeding sunlight / When I see you I’m so happy I cry.” Like the preceding singles, producer Jenn Wasner morphs the space into an echoing dreamscape. Synth trickles down every word and overflows into a well of flickering sound.

Kenney expands on the song in a conversation with Billboard:

The phrase ‘Perfect Shapes’ floated into my head one evening when I was sitting outside my Oakland apartment and staring at a fence. I wasn’t sure what it meant but I knew it would be my next record. I walked back inside and wrote this song, and only now do I really see what I was talking about; nostalgia and pain, leaving and staying, seeing and appreciating what is beautiful and what hurts.

Listen to “Perfect Shapes” below.

Perfect Shapes is out 10/5 via Carpark Records. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Cara Robbins