Milo Announces That “Milo Is Officially Finished”

The dense and insular rapper Milo is on an incredible run right now. The Maine-based Milo has been releasing music and building up a cult fanbase since 2010, but last year, he released the truly dazzling Who Told You To Think​?​!​!​?​!​?​!​?​! and took himself to another level. Last month, he followed it up with another truly excellent album called Budding Ornithologists Are Weary Of Tired Analogies. Also in 2018, Milo (whose real name is Rory Ferreira) has released the album Sovereign Nose Of (Y)our Arrogant Face under his Scallops Hotel alter-ego, and Nostrum Grocers, the team of Milo and the Brooklyn rapper/producer Elucid released their self-titled album. But now Milo says that he’s finished releasing music.

On Twitter today, Milo claimed that Budding Ornithologists would be the final Milo album. He also said that after a tour or two next year, “milo is officially over.” That certainly looks like a retirement announcement.

Hopefully, Milo will continue to release music as Scallops Hotel and/or Nostrum Grocers, or maybe under some other as-yet-unknown pseudonym. Milo also runs the retail store Soulfolks Records in Biddeford, Maine, so go there and spend some money.

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