Speedy Ortiz – “DTMFA”

Speedy Ortiz released their new album Twerp Verse earlier this year, and now they’re back with another new song as the latest installment of Adult Swim’s Singles Program. Well, kind of a new song.

“DTMFA” was originally supposed to be on Slugger, the debut album from Speedy Ortiz frontwoman Sadie Dupuis’ solo pop project Sad13, but ended up getting cut. Then it was going to be on Twerp Verse, but ended up getting cut again when the band decided to scrap most of the album in the wake of Trump’s election, as Dupuis told us in our recent cover story.

But now, the song has finally found a home on Adult Swim’s singles series. Sadie Dupuis is a big fan of Dan Savage’s Savage Love column — she says she’s listened to every episode of his Savage Lovecast — and “DTMFA” is a Dan Savage-coined term that stands for “Dump The Motherfucker Already,” a line that runs through the song along with a serrated guitar riff. Listen below.