Stream Zola Jesus’ EP Of Johnny Jewel Remixes

Zola Jesus and Johnny Jewel are a match made in swirling, atmospheric goth heaven. Jewel is the man behind Chromatics, Glass Candy, and a whole ton of other smeary, synthy projects. He is a baron of music that sounds good while you’re driving late at night through abandoned city streets. Zola Jesus, meanwhile, has one of the hugest and best voices on the entire underground music landscape, and she uses it to make stunning and towering and dark songs. They were made for each other.

Earlier this year, Jewel shared a remix of “Ash To Bone,” a song from Zola Jesus’ great 2017 album Okovi. But one remix wasn’t enough. And now Zola Jesus has released an entire EP called Remixed By Johnny Jewel, which features seven different Jewel reworkings.

There might be seven remixes on the EP, but they oddly only cover two different Zola Jesus tracks. We get three different “Ash To Bone” remixes and four remixes of the great Okovi song “Wiseblood.” Fortunately, those songs are good enough that it’s worth hearing Jewel doing subtly different things with them. Stream the EP below.

Remixed By Johnny Jewel is out now on Sacred Bones/Italians Do It Better.