Paul McCartney – “Come On To Me” Video

Well, look at that: It’s 2018 and Paul McCartney is trying to start up his very own viral dance challenge. Over the last week, the former Beatle has shared slick videos of three different people dancing to his Egypt Station track “Come On To Me,” and today all three of them have been spliced into one clip.

The videos follow a security guard, a food truck chef, and an office janitor, who were all picked by director TG Herrington to give their best moves for their respective videos.

Do we live in a world where Paul McCartney could really have a successful #COTMChallenge? Crazier things have happened! Egypt Station is, after all, his first #1 album in 36 years. I bow down to you, Paul McCartney, my viral queen.

Check out the videos below.

Egypt Station is out now via Capitol.