Cardi B Made An ASMR Video

Cardi B Made An ASMR Video

I recently just learned what ASMR is, finally, after years of willfully and blissfully ignoring it. It’s not exactly what I thought! I knew that it was, like, relaxing sounds, but I was imagining something like whale calls and Grouper and not weird videos starring young girls whispering into microphones and cracking their knuckles.

The Daily Beast recently published a very interesting profile of one of ASMR’s leading ladies, 13-year-old LifeWithMak. Her videos have amassed millions and millions of views on YouTube, but she has a new challenger throwing their hat in the ASMR ring: Cardi B.

Occasionally, W Magazine will get celebrities to “explore ASMR” by recreating the autonomous sensory meridian response triggers: whispers and rubs and calm, soothing voices. So here’s Cardi talking about her history with ASMR, which she says she listens for going to sleep, and saying things like “Bodak Yellow” and her signature okurrrr in a barely audible sigh. She also rubs a fuzzy purple pillow and plays with a child’s toy. Check it out below.

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