Gerard Way – “Baby You’re A Haunted House”

We’re in the high Halloween season, so it’s exactly the right time for the stars of the mid-’00s MySpace-emo explosion to reemerge. Thus far today, we’ve already heard a new AFI song. And now Gerard Way, former frontman of the gothed-out arena-punk veterans My Chemical Romance, has a new single. (Discussion question for the comments: Were My Chemical Romance history’s last great arena-rock band? I vote yes, if only because Eric Church isn’t a band.)

Way has lately been keeping himself busy with extra-musical activities. Right now, he’s adapting his comic-book series Umbrella Academy into a Netflix series that will star Mary J. Blige. (The last time we posted about his musical endeavors on Stereogum, he was covering the Carpenters in 2016.) But Way just dropped a new banger of a single, the seasonally appropriate “Baby You’re A Haunted House.”

“Baby You’re A Haunted House” doesn’t sound much like My Chemical Romance, or even like Way’s past solo music. Instead, it’s a revved-up and surprisingly fuzz-drenched sugar-rush punk anthem, with prominent handclaps and an unstoppable chorus. The song doesn’t have a proper music video, but it does come with a visual of a skeleton Ed Sullivan introducing the skeleton Beatles, which may or may not be a They Live reference. Check it out below.

“Baby You’re A Haunted House” is out now on the streaming services.