Girl Talk Played Gwyneth Paltrow’s Wedding

Girl Talk was still pulling in well-paying gigs long after his popularity peaked with the trilogy of 2006’s Night Ripper, 2008’s Feed The Animals, and 2010’s All Day. I distinctly remember him holding down the final main stage spot before Outkast’s first reunion performance at Coachella 2014. I wonder how that payday compared to playing Gwyneth Paltrow’s wedding.

Yes, as Variety TV critic Daniel D’Addario points out, Pittsburgh mashup king Gregg Gillis was in charge of filling the dance floor at Paltrow’s nuptials to Brad Falchuk on 9/29. So says a report on the festivities from Paltrow’s lifestyle publication GOOP. We also learn their wedding hashtag was #thefaltrows, which is cute, and that other musical accompaniment was provided by “house DJ” Arman Naféei, jazz band Django Foxtrot, and string quartet Attacca Quartet.

What we don’t learn from the report is what Girl Talk played! The caption on one of the photos in the gallery indicates the festivities involved “’80s party jams,” but were they spliced together all Girl Talk-like, or did he play it straight at the bride and groom’s request? Did everyone crowd around his setup and dance around him as people are wont to do at a Girl Talk gig? If Paltrow’s consciously uncoupled ex-husband Chris Martin gets married to his current partner and rumored baby mama Dakota Johnson, who will they book to DJ their dance party? God (and GOOP) willing, we will learn the answers to all these questions someday.

UPDATE: A representative for Girl Talk has clarified that he performed but did not DJ the wedding.