Stream Pissed Jeans Side Project Fine Jewelers’ Intense New EP

Philadelphia resident Matt Korvette is a man worthy of your attention. He dresses nicely. He’s very funny on Twitter and in Kurt Vile’s “Loading Zones” video. And for the past 14 years, he has fronted the beautifully misanthropic noise-punk band Pissed Jeans. (Their most recent album is last year’s Why Love Now. It rips.) And now Korvette has another project happening: A thumping low-tech industrial-dance duo called Fine Jewelers.

Korvette is half of Fine Jewelers alongside Dan Helmer, a producer who releases music on his own. Together, they make noisy thudding music that will either drive you into a frenzy or send you screaming from the room. They’ve just released their debut EP, the awesomely titled Braindance Through The Midnight D-Beat. On their Bandcamp page, the duo describe the music as “neurotic industrial rave music and inhospitable gabber,” which is a great description. And when he emailed me about the project, Korvette said that it was “for fans of Mortal Kombat (the video game AND the movie), Ministry, Atari Teenage Riot, outdoor Midwestern raves with kids on dirtbikes, muay thai, etc.” I like all those things! Maybe you do too!

Below, check out the three of the four frothing, blood-curdling songs from the EP, and check out the deeply unsettling video for “Unreasonable Rider,” which stars and was directed by Hackey Garbáge.

The Braindance Through The Midnight D-Beat EP is out now on BANK Records, and you can get it at Bandcamp.