Lil Uzi Vert’s Nardwuar Interview Did Not Go Well

Most musicians seem to be extremely psyched when Nardwuar, the veteran Vancouver video interviewer, wants to speak to them. This makes sense. He researches his guests intensely and brings weirdly well thought-out gifts, and so the videos end up as odd little This Is Your Life packages. Every once in a while, though, a Nardwuar interview goes horribly off the rails. This makes sense, too.

There are notorious older videos of people like Henry Rollins, Sonic Youth, or Blur drummer Dave Rowntree being dicks to Nardwuar, getting offended or annoyed by his whole schtick. More recently, Nardwuar has been interviewing a lot of rappers. And every once in a while, someone will get freaked out that Nardwuar knows so much about their histories or their interests. That’s what happened with Nardwuar’s new interview with Lil Uzi Vert.

Nardwuar had interviewed Uzi once, a couple of years ago, at SXSW. That one seemed to go fine. This time, though, Nardwuar had Uzi backstage at a Vancouver arena. He had to get through a few layers of security, and when Uzi did emerge, he seemed both suspicious and possibly high. Early on, things seemed to go OK; Uzi talked about GG Allin and about his early days rapping, even though Uzi seemed more concerned about a tab of ecstasy that someone in the crowd had apparently given him.

But when Nardwuar presented Uzi with a poster of the Rob Zombie movie The Devil’s Rejects, a movie that I guess Uzi likes, Uzi froze up: “I’m glad I’m a good guy because if I was under investigation for something, I’d be scared right now. How you know that? They don’t even know that. I don’t talk to them about that.” (The “they” is Uzi’s own crew.)

After a few uncomfortable pauses, Nardwuar mentioned the name of Guns Garcia, a Philly DJ. Uzi said, “He know too much. I can’t do this.” Then, he bolted away, giggling. Nardwuar and his cameraman chased Uzi through the arena catacombs and to a waiting SUV, where Uzi gave a halfassed, hostile-ish goodbye while peeling off. Watch it all happen below.

Nobody really looks good there!