Stream Bad Bunny’s Debut Album X 100PRE

Stream Bad Bunny’s Debut Album X 100PRE

Latin trap star Bad Bunny has been on the rise for a few years now. This year, he started what’s sure to be a long flirtation with the more mainstream side of the charts: He was a featured guest on Cardi B’s smash hit “I Like It,” which reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and this past October he released a song of his own, “Mia,” which features Drake. That song’s made it as high as #5 on the Billboard charts.

And today the Puerto Rican rapper officially released his first full-length album, X 100PRE. As our Week In Pop column put it a few weeks ago: It’s a good time to be Bad Bunny. Despite making his name on collaborations, X 100PRE has surprisingly few of them: There’s the aforementioned Drake feature, slotted in as the last track on the album; a collaboration with Diplo (“200 MPH”); and a song featuring the Dominican artist El Alfa.

“Real, real, real, real, I finished the album three days ago,” Bad Bunny told Billboard. “At that point I said I wanted to release it in Christmas. I didn’t want the year to end without releasing the album. I wanted to close 2018 with it.”

Listen to it below.

X 100PRE is out now.

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