Mineral – “Your Body Is The World”

Mineral, the emo cult heroes from Texas, released only one album before breaking up in 1997. They broke up while recording their second album, 1998’s EndSerenading, and pretty much the band’s entire legend came out of people discovering them after they’d broken up. In late-’90s emo circles, Mineral were huge, but they weren’t around to enjoy it. So it’s a big deal that Mineral are back, and that there is once again new music in the world.

Mineral reunited to play live shows in 2014. And last year, they announced that they’d celebrate their 25th anniversary by publishing One Day We Were Young, a book that features things like unpublished photos and handwritten lyrics. The book would also include a 10″ single that would feature two new Mineral songs, the band’s first in 20 years. Back when they made that announcement, Mineral shared the grand, searching eight-minute jam “Aurora.” And now that the book is out there, the single exists on streaming services, and we get to hear “Your Body Is The World,” the second of those two songs.

“Your Body Is The World” isn’t as big or ambitious as “Aurora,” but it does feature some of that old Mineral magic. It’s a slow, heavy, melodic song with the same kind of dynamic interplay between band members that made the band so special in the first place. It’s closer to prog than to traditional hardcore, which isn’t so weird now, but just imagine how people were receiving this kind of thing when Mineral were first doing it. Check it out below.

One Day We Are Young is out now on House Arrest, and you can order it here.

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