Court Rules Elon Musk Cannot Shield Grimes From Testifying In Tesla Lawsuit

The US District Court Of Northern California is allowing subpoenas to be served to Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) and Azealia Banks over their involvement in Tesla’s investor lawsuit, as Business Insider reports.

A lawyer for the firm representing the investors says that they plan to file document preservation subpoenas for Grimes, Banks, and three publications that interviewed the two musicians (Business Insider, The New York Times, and Gizmodo) around the time that Elon Musk tweeted about his plans to take the company private at $420 a share.

The subpoena motions would require the parties to preserve information like Twitter exchanges, Instagram messages, and text messages that might be relevant to the case.

This is the second lawsuit that Musk has faced over the tweet, which he allegedly made as a joke because he thought Grimes would find it funny. The Securities And Exchange Commission charged him with fraud for misleading investors in a case settled in September, resulting in $40 million in fines and forcing him to step down from his position as chairman of the board.

Earlier this month, Musk’s attorney tried to argue against subpoenaing Grimes and Banks in the case, saying that it would “sensationalize these proceedings.”