The Rapture Announce Reunion Shows

New York City dance-punks the Rapture called it quits back in 2014. They released their third and final album, In The Grace Of Your Love, in 2011 and performed their last show in 2012. Earlier today, their name appeared on Los Angeles’ Just Like Heaven festival lineup. Frontman Luke Jenner has since confirmed the band is getting back together. He shared the news in a Facebook post:

So it’s been a long time since The Rapture did anything. It’s been this long gritty road trying to figure out how to be a father and a husband which seemed a lot more important than standing on stage in front of anyone. We went to therapy, we talked it out, it’s still a little weird, but I couldn’t do it if I didn’t feel like it was gonna be some kinda personal progress. Anyway, I hope there is a long future for us and we can build something new. Maybe you will join us someplace along the way again.

Before they take the Just Like Heaven stage in May, the Rapture will play at Brooklyn’s Music Hall Of Williamsburg, the same venue where they performed their final show in 2012. Listen to some of their early-mid aughts classics below.

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