Google Pixel Adds Augmented Reality Childish Gambino

Google Pixel Adds Augmented Reality Childish Gambino

In case you didn’t have enough Donald Glover in your life already, now you can put him wherever you want! If you have a Google Pixel device, Childish Gambino is now an option in their “Playground,” a feature in which you can add a whole array of augmented reality characters and objects into whatever photos or videos of your choosing. The feature was announced back in October, but now he’s available on select Pixel devices.

As 9 To 5 Google points out, the multi-hyphenate musician-actor-writer-etc is now available to dance and wiggle around for you, whenever and wherever you please! It’s the future, baby, and we’re just living in it. The Childish Gambino avatar is outfitted with three different dance sequences, inspired by his songs “Redbone,” “Summertime Magic,” and “This Is America.”

Here’s an ad in which Glover is dancing with some real-life humans.

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