Michelle Obama’s Grammys Appearance Did Not Impress Michelle Obama’s Mom

On Grammy night, the biggest cheer from the crowd wasn’t for a musician. It came when Michelle Obama touched a microphone. The former First Lady — flanked by Alicia Keys, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lopez, and towering over all four of them — said a few vague words about the power of music. People lost their minds.

This makes sense. The Obama family was always tight with the entertainment industry, and even though they don’t show up on TV that often anymore, Barack and Michelle Obama are still bigger stars than anyone from the worlds of music, film, or television. They are living reminders of an age — one that’s not too long ago, but that already seems like the distant past — where you could be generally certain that your elected leaders were nice and smart people who wanted the best for you. When you put them in front of a crowd of their fellow celebrities, you invite euphoria.

But maybe that’s not how people in the extended family see it. Apparently, you could be the most popular First Lady since Eleanor Roosevelt, and your mom might still ask if you got to meet any of the real stars. Last night, Michelle Obama shared a text from her mom:

To be fair to Michelle Obama’s mom, she didn’t seem to be in the crowd for the ceremony, giving up reaction shots for the camera. Maybe they were keeping her and Drake in the same hidden backstage room. (Also, apparently Valerie Jarrett is still just hanging out with the Obamas, laughing over texts and whatnot.)