Will Forte Recreates Classic Album Covers

Here’s something I didn’t know: Apparently, Will Forte is a giant hesher. Last night, the former Saturday Night Live and Last Man On Earth show — now rocking a gigantic handlebar mustache — visited his former SNL castmate Jimmy Fallon at The Tonight Show. And while he was on the show, Forte told a story about going to Ireland to see an Ozzy Osborne show that ended up getting cancelled. You have to be a real head to want to see teleprompter-era Ozzy so much that would cross an ocean to do it.

Since the Ozzy show didn’t happen, Forte and his friends had some time on their hands. And so they visited Giant’s Causeway, the Irish rock formation where all the naked ladies posed for Led Zeppelin’s Houses Of The Holy cover art. Naturally, Forte and friends recreated that cover art, with Forte, wearing tiny flesh-colored undies, taking the place of all the naked ladies.

And as Forte explained to Fallon, this led to a whole project, one in which Forte does his own versions of classic album covers from the Beatles, U2, and Nirvana. You can behold all of them in the Tonight Show interview below.

Forte has a tiny role as Abraham Lincoln in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, which is currently in theaters. It’s pretty good.