Alexia Avina – “Attitude”

Last year, the Montreal-based musician Alexia Avina released an intimate collection of ornate bedroom pop songs called Betting On An Island. It sounded like Avina was letting you in on a secret, and the organic instrumentation throughout encouraged an overwhelming sense of calm. It’s music to get blissed-out to, and fortunately, she has a new album on the way.

Avina wrote and recorded All That I Can’t See in a week’s time in an attempt to honor the magic that comes with living in the moment. She retreated to the countryside to work and writes that, “Every night I’d wait until midnight to record, once the noises of the small, ancient house and the rustling bodies within it had settled. Using a makeshift pile of books as a mic stand, often a creak in the wood or a rushing of water would interfere with the whispered takes.”

The first single, “Attitude,” references that very house, opening with the lines: “Painting the walls brown while I’m leaning/ I watched the floorboards with the feeling/ That I’d known this cold wind all along.” Avina sings about a cold night alone with a piercing grace. There are few flourishes on this song, and unlike Betting On An Island, the production here is spare: Avina’s voice, her guitar, a hint of room tone underscoring it all.

Listen to “Attitude” below.

All That I Can’t See is out 3/22 via Never Content.

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