Watch Robyn’s Great “Ever Again” Performance On Ellen

Robyn’s journey back to the American mainstream has been a long and strange one. Back in the late ’90s, a teenage Robyn had a couple of American top 10 hits. (Both of them were co-produced by Max Martin, back in the very early stages of his absurd dominance over American pop.) But when her follow-ups didn’t hit, Robyn took control of her own career, honed her voice, and cranked out a bunch of great records that won critical acclaim long before they got actual American releases. She became an internet-borne word-of-mouth success, especially after her songs started showing up on TV shows. She’s still never charted again in this country, but now she plays American arenas, and we get to see her sing on daytime TV. That’s a beautiful thing.

Last year, of course, Robyn returned from a long quiet period to release the excellent album Honey. And today, she was the musical guest on Ellen. Rather than singing any of the singles from Honey, she went with the deep cut “Ever Again.” And she sang the hell out of it.

If you’ve seen Robyn live, you already know she’s a force of nature and one of the best dancers we have. She didn’t dance too hard on Ellen, but she put on a gymnastic, emotional vocal performance. Her stage was draped in sheer curtains, and her band members all wore matching silver pajamas, which looked extremely cool. And she brought the full force of her charisma, which is no joke. She crushed it. Watch it happen below.

Honey is out now on Konichiwa/Interscope.