Slumber Mag Launches Kickstarter, Announces Compilation Featuring New Songs By Katie Dey, Sidney Gish, & More

For five-plus years, The Le Sigh was an invaluable repository to highlight music made by female-identifying and non-binary artists. They shut down in 2017, but their legacy lives on. Slumber Mag is a new publication spearheaded by former writers for the site, and their goal is to carry on The Le Sigh’s ethos for a new generations of writers and artists alike. Today, they’re launching a Kickstarter fundraiser to raise money to help launch it.

In keeping with The Le Sigh’s grand tradition of killer compilations — we’ve highlighted them in the past — part of the rewards for the Kickstarter include a new compilation called Slumber Mag Vol. 1, which collects new songs by a ton of great artists under one roof. It’ll feature contributions from Katie Dey, Sidney Gish (covering Janelle Monáe), Free Cake For Every Creature, R.L. Kelly, gobbinjr (covering Justin Timberlake), Amy O, Florry, Strawberry Runners, Boosegumps, and more.

Here’s a statement from the site’s founders:

Before Slumber Mag, we were long-time active writers for the small Brooklyn-based blog, “The Le Sigh,” which was a non-profit publication focused on highlighting non-binary, gender non-conforming and female-identifying musicians and visual artists. For over four years, TLS was not only a source for new and emerging musicians online but also organized zines, tape compilations, and art shows around the city. Unfortunately, the publication had to close its doors this past fall, and its closure has been difficult for Abbie and me who looked to the blog as an outlet to share the music we were passionate about. Similar to the closing of venues such as Shea Stadium, the closing of TLS left what felt like a real hole in the Brooklyn DIY scene where musicians, writers, and fans could only find large for-profit sites in which to write or read about new music. However, with many of these sites being so large, a lot of smaller DIY musicians have been getting left by the wayside.

In speaking with Diana, the founder and editor in chief of TLS, we decided to look into funding a reboot of sorts for The Le Sigh—kind of like TLS: Next Generation. In this, we could start a new publication but with all the love, care, and support of the Diana and TLS’ old connections right behind us. It’s not starting from scratch, but rather, picking up where TLS left off and moving towards an expansion of its online site and many community projects—mainly in Philly. We want this new publication to be both an online magazine and a community outreach organization, putting on DIY all-ages shows, workshops, and college panels for musicians, artists, and fans, in Philly and along the eastern seaboard in NYC and DC.

We want Slumber Mag to not solely be a place for online album reviews, but one where musicians and artists can interact with the site and create their own content and programs for readers. We want it to bridge that gap between writers, artists, and fans so that all three groups can interact, connect, and support each other through their love for music and art. In doing so, we want Slumber Mag to, at its core, be a website and community program dedicated to the exposure and empowerment of systemically silenced and marginalized voices. We want to help center the music community – in the most intersectional, inclusive, and creative way possible.

- Amy Garlesky & Abbie Jones

Free Cake For Every Creature – “Loved”
Sidney Gish – “It’s Code” (Janelle Monae Cover)
R.L. Kelly – “Better”
gobbinjr – “My Love” (Justin Timberlake Cover)
Florry – “Growth”
Amy O – “Strategies Of Self”
Boosegumps – “when i see you now”
Why Bonnie – “Gasoline”
Brittle Brian – “Starry Johnny (someone cut the mallet)”
Nice Knees – “Shackle Thru”
Katie Dey – “Dancer”
Wished Bone – “Dodger Dreamfield”
Rose Dorn – “Yellow”
Boothe – “Juniper Song”
Denise t. – “sorry i just woke up / moving on”
Clara Joy – “dream song”
Strawberry Runners – “Mighty Ohio”
Snake Boy Gang – “Control”
Katy Kirby – “Piñata Song”
SIEVE – “Around”

Learn more about Slumber Mag and donate to the Kickstarter here.