Kindness – “Cry Everything” (Feat. Robyn)

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Kindness, the disco-pop auteur sometimes known as Adam Bainbridge. Kindness hasn’t released an album since the 2014 sophomore effort Otherness, and we haven’t posted a Kindness song since “A Retelling,” a 2016 track that they contributed to a benefit compilation. Lately, Kindness has been working with people like Solange and Blood Orange on their records. But today, Kindness returns with “Cry Everything,” a new song on which they once again team up with old friend and collaborator Robyn.

Kindness and Robyn have been working together for a long time. Kindness and Robyn sang together on “Who Do You Love?,” a 2014 Kindness single. And Kindness also produced “Send To Robin Immediately,” one of the bangers from Robyn’s grand 2018 return Honey. Last year, when Robyn talked about the then-anticipated new album at a New York Q&A, Kindness was the moderator. And “Cry Everything” is a true duet from the two simpatico artists, one where they find the same dancefloor groove.

On “Cry Everything,” Robyn and Kindness sing in harmony, emoting over a massive house-music beat. For the track, Kindness samples “Pretending To Care,” a blissed-out 1985 a cappella song from Todd Rundgren. They’ve also built a massive house groove, with spry percussion from Arthur Russell collaborator Mustafa Ahmed.

Also, Kindness has a few shows coming up with a new live band; check out the dates below. Below, check out “Cry Everything,” the forthcoming Kindness live dates, and what Kindness writes about “Cry Everything.”

Kindness writes:

A whole lot has changed since 2014, when I last released music. I hope my new music is a reflection of this, and how I want to move through the world. Please note my new pronouns, and use them, thank you! ❤

“Cry Everything” is a song myself and Robyn started together in 2014, and both of us have grown, cried and experienced joy & heaviness in that time. In a bittersweet way, I think only the current version of me could have finished this song, and that it’s a message of tenderness and understanding to a former self. Thank you to Todd Rundgren for letting us use his voice, and to you all for waiting for me to work out what I wanted to say when I came back to music. I’ve missed you! Cry Everything, co-written with @Robyn, is out now.

6/04 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right
6/06 – Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon
6/11 – Paris, France @ Le Badaboum
6/13 – Berlin, Germany @ Kantine am Berghain
6/14 – London, UK @ Osl

“Cry Everything” is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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