Fauness – “Sixteen” Video

Late last year, London pop musician Fauness released her debut Toxic Femininity EP, which contains three brazen glitter-bomb songs, hooky and intense. Its highlight is “Sixteen,” a song that’s simultaneously about missing the feeling of being young and rejecting all the insecurities that come with the naïveté of youth.

“I don’t wanna be sixteen,” Fauness sings in the chorus, her words spilling out like vomit: “When I was sixteen, I was so fragile and lonely, insecure/ A little girl in a woman’s body, like a chrysalis.” The song is as noisy and chaotic as that age can often feel, and today it’s gotten a music video to go along with it.

“This video is a post-modern fairytale,” Fauness told Wonderland. “It takes place during those euphoric hours on a Friday afternoon when school has just ended and freedom opens up the imagination to new experiences.” She continues:

Two sixteen-year-old girls embark on an adventure that takes them into the woods at night, where they have a life-changing encounter. Like all fairytales, the experience of being a teenager is a lot darker and deathlier than people tend to acknowledge. While the song is an ode to embracing getting older, the video pays homage to the intensity of being sixteen.

Watch and listen below.

Toxic Femininity is out now via Earthly.

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